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About me

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My Story

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I have been working in education for over 18 years. For 10 of those years, I was an elementary teacher, where, as all teachers do, I taught, learned, stressed, cared, celebrated, cried, got excited, got frustrated, and hopefully, made a difference in the lives of my students. 


The one most influential period in my career was when I was lucky enough to work with an instructional coach. My coach supported me, validated me, pushed me to reflect and learn, and cheered me on! 


Now, as I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for literacy, strong instruction and caring for others into a new career, I hope to be that same influence for fellow educators. 

My Philosophy

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I believe the students in our classrooms are the best and most important resource for writing instruction. When teachers know their students as writers they will know how to meet their needs. When teachers honor the stage of writing development in which each student resides and allow them to write with authenticity, they will instill a sense of confidence in and motivation for writing that is vital for student success. 

With students as their guide, teachers' knowledge of writing development as well as best practices in writing instruction will allow them to provide students with the support they need to grow as writers. 

My Training

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HIghly Qualified K-5

New Jersey Standard Certificate 2003

Coaching of Reading, Coaching of Writing Institute

Teacher's College, Colombia University 2020

Simply Instructional Coaching Training

Simply Coaching Academy 2019, 2020, 2021

The Breakthrough Circle 

Coaching Training and Collaboration 2021-present

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