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Teaching With a Purpose

We've all had moments when we realize we aren't quite sure about our instructional choices. As we go through our directions or look through an activity, we question whether it was the best choice to make. Sometimes it was because it had been scrambled together in a rush. However, often times, it has been chosen because it is what we've always done, or, even because it is what everyone else is doing.

One of the best things a coach can do for a teacher, or a teacher can do for herself, is to ask one question: What is the purpose? -What is the purpose of this mini-lesson, for this spelling test, for this paper choice, for the expectation I have for my students? -Is it going to elicit learning? Is it going to show me what they know? Is it keeping them engaged?

If you are unable to answer, or the answer to any of these questions is no, then it is time to transform!

Transform your questions. Transform your sources for assessment. Transform the way students work in your classroom.

We are teachers for a purpose-to allow our students to learn as much as they can! If the things we have them do aren't for a purpose that helps them along that goal, if they are just what we have always done, or just what others are doing, then perhaps we are not fulfilling our purpose as teachers.

So, tomorrow, as you make that choice, ask yourself a question-and start your Transformation!

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