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The 'Why' Matters.

While scrolling today (yes, a bad habit, I know) I came across a video of Eric Thomas (aka the Hip Hop Preacher) who is a motivational speaker, author and minister, and can be found on several top 10 lists of motivational speakers.

In the video, he was speaking about his success, and how he believes it came to be because his "why", his driving force, had changed. You see, his wife had recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and they did not want her to work any longer. He was working hard and taking every job he could to ensure that his wife could be rid of stress, and that their family could have all they needed. This speech, along with many more of his that I continued to watch, was extremely inspiring.

I know that God places things, people, and even videos, in our lives for a reason. Without going into to much detail, I really needed to hear this message today. I needed to remember my why!

In Brene Brown's book "Dare to Lead", she speaks about living your values. She shares her company's process of finding your two core values, and explains that they are the same for all aspects of your life. After going through the process, I identified my core values as Care and Faith, and I am working every day on living into those values in all areas of my life, including my work with teachers and schools.

I chose my job as a consultant because I CARE about teachers and students, and I have FAITH that educators can work together to create schools and instructional programs that help students achieve success. I also have FAITH that I have the ability to play a vital role in this process.

Often times, the role we play feels insignificant. It may feel as though we are not making much of a difference. During those times, I invite you to remember your WHY. What is in your heart that made you become a teacher? What are the values you hold dear that help you to make decisions about your work, and make you the educator you are? Your WHY helps you continue on, even when you aren't sure you are on the right path.

Once you've remembered your WHY, please know that YOU ARE making a difference. Every day you work with your students, you make a difference. The more you believe it, the more it will be true. As Eric Thomas said, "'s not your circumstances or situation that determines if you gonna be successful or's your mindset!"

Now, say it with me:



I OWN A BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII! (oops sorry, that one was mine!)

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