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Validation? I Got That!

I love my job! I find it so rewarding to help and support others, see them grow in confidence, push their learning, and celebrate their accomplishments and hard work. I also love that I am still constantly learning; about teaching, coaching and people. The rewarding part of my job often comes on it's own, like when I see something suddenly click with a teacher. But even though I love my job , it is very helpful when I hear that teachers are happy to have my support, or thankful for my help. That validation is what keeps me feeling good about what I do, and gives me the confidence to continue.

We all want validation, right? Affirmation that we are doing the right thing; that someone else understands how we are feeling; that it's ok that we aren't perfect.

All of those things were validated for me when I had a coach. She, Jaime Kirkpatrick with the Children's Literacy Initiative, provided me with the validation that I WAS doing a great job, that I WAS helping students, and that I WASN'T the only one who struggled. She also saw me in a way in which I did not see myself, which helped me to gain confidence and awareness about myself, and my teaching.

All of the things I do with teachers; the questions I ask, the observations I conduct, the planning sessions we have, are to ultimately let them know that they are on the right track! When a teacher says they aren't doing a good job, I find a way to let them know that they are! When I see the strengths they don't even notice, I applaud them! And when I ask questions about things happening in the lesson, or about student actions, I do so to help give a little "push" into growing in their instructional practices, so they can realize their potential for even stronger teaching!

This year, I've seen that the validation of "this is hard, and it's ok that it is", is what many teachers need. But what I realize is, it's always been hard, and will continue to be. So I hope that having me as a partner can help to make it a bit easier.

You are amazing, you are skilled, you have potential! Keep going, and I will be here to cheer you on!

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