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New Year, New Teacher?

Happy New Year! As I hear so many saying, "Here's to a better year," or "My plans for this new year are...", it makes me wonder, do I like to think about the new year being a fresh start, or is it better to think of it as just another day in our lives? Does thinking of January 1st being a new year and a way to begin again seem exciting and hopeful, or does it cause you stress for what you have to accomplish? I wonder if I should try to be someone new and improved, or if I am good to go!

Regardless of how you may look at it, the truth is this: Every day, you have a chance to do whatever it is that you want to do with your self, your career, and your life. Every day is a day to do what you think is best! Maybe you just need to keep going the way you are with everything, because it works and you are feeling good! Or, perhaps you should try something new because something isn't working. Do you need to bring more joy to your life or your job? Do you need to look at some things in a new way? Or, perhaps you need to realize what is going well, and what you should be proud of.

My hope for myself, my family and all the educators out there, is that we continually reflect on our lives, our jobs and our outlook, and do what is necessary to feel content with and proud of ourselves each and every day. Remember to acknowledge your accomplishments. Remember to work for your goals. Remember to enjoy life, and love the YOU you are!

Happy Just Another Day!

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