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Free Consultation 

Our first meeting is complimentary. There, we will discuss the needs and goals for your school and staff, I will share my philosophy and provide multiple options for support, and we will decide if we are a good fit. I will then provide a quote for services. 

Key Note Speaking

My signature keynote-Writing is Like the High Jump-is for all districts or schools who are struggling with writing instruction. 

This keynote address speaks to the needed mindset shifts that transform writing for students and teachers. 

Workshops and Coaching

I provide workshops on writing instruction including; Understanding Student-centered Writing Instruction, Shared and Interactive Writing, Conferring, Small Groups and Data Collection and Analysis.

As research tells us, workshops and trainings alone do not create change in teacher instruction. Therefore, any workshops I provide would be followed up with coaching, whether in the form of individual sessions, or collaborative groups such as grade-levels or content areas. 

I also provide individual coaching cycles where the focus is on teacher goals. The number of cycles and teachers supported are decided upon between myself and administration.

Implementation Support

Any plan for new practices must be implemented with clear goals and expectations as well as leadership and accountability. 

With any coaching package, I will include leadership support in the form of training, walk-throughs and/or tools. 

I will also provide a set of Writing Goals accompanied by student success criteria. 


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Academic mentor, a teacher and a learner at a table, examining papers for a school project.

Virtual Support 

I am available to those I support through email, Voxer, and/or Marco Polo. 

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call

This call will allow you to get to know more about me and what I offer. We will discuss the goals you have for your district, possible next steps you may take and whether or not I am the right person to support you in your work! 

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More on Coaching


When I am working with a school on a bi-monthly or monthly basis, we will implement coaching cycles tailored to teacher needs and goals, where the teacher and I will work side by side, choosing a focus, planning units and lessons, and evaluating progress. Each cycle includes identifying a goal, learning new techniques, making improvements, reflection and feedback. 

I am also able to support schools and teachers by meeting with groups a few times per year, where we would implement a lab-site structure for coaching, as well as planning and data analysis meetings. 

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