Booking Now for Summer and Fall


Free Consultation 

Our first meeting is complimentary. There, we will discuss the needs and goals for your school and staff, and I will make suggestions for how I can support those goals. I will then provide a quote for services. 

Workshops and Coaching

I provide workshops on a variety of topics in literacy, as well as general instructional strategies including Classroom Environment.

As research tells us, workshops and trainings alone do not create change in teacher instruction. Therefore, any workshops I provide would be followed up with coaching, whether in the form of individual sessions, or collaborative groups such as grade-levels or content areas. 

I also provide individual coaching cycles where the focus is on teacher goals. The number of cycles and teachers supported are decided upon between myself and administration.


Program Consultation

If you are looking for support in building the literacy program in your school, I am happy to meet with you, and then work together to create a program that provides research-based instruction with quality resources. 

More on Coaching
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Phone & Email Support 

I am often available to those I support through phone calls or texts, email, and Voxer. 


Through coaching cycles tailored to teacher needs and goals, the teacher and I will work side by side, choosing a focus, planning units and lessons, and evaluating progress. Each cycle includes identifying a goal, learning new techniques, making improvements, and reflection and feedback. 


As the teacher and I work together in each session, we will follow the I Do, We Do, You Do model as we choose the coaching methods implemented. Methods may include modeling with a follow-up discussion, co-teaching, freeze-frame observation, etc. The goal is for teachers to have as much guided practice as possible during our time together, to ensure learning has taken place, and that teacher goals are met.